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Disability Insurance Benefits

Eligibility for DIB results from being “insured.” You become insured by working and by paying Social Security, either as a payroll deduction by your employer (FICA) or as self-employment tax. If you work for cash and do not report your income to the IRS, you will not be insured for purposes of DIB. Each payment to Social Security is, in part, a payment for insurance in the event that you become disabled. Merely making a few payments to Social Security from your paycheck is not enough to make you insured for purposes of DIB. The rules for determining whether you are insured are quite complex, and we will not attempt to describe the details of those rules here. However, it generally takes several years of working before a person becomes insured for purposes of receiving DIB. Furthermore, a person who is fully insured can lose that insured status if the…
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The Five-Step Sequential Evaluation

The Social Security Administration uses a five-step sequential evaluation to determine if a person is disabled. This five-step evaluation can become rather complicated, particularly in cases that are a “close call.” Thus, we are not providing an exhaustive description of all of the relevant issues. However, if you believe you are disabled, this section will provide a general description of the rules for determining disability. Because of the complex nature of these rules, we strongly recommend that you seek representation by someone who is experienced in this area of the law and can assist you when filing a claim for Tulsa social security disability benefits.

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