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Social Security Disability Benefits: Proving Disability for Depression

According to the San Francisco Gate, there are approximately 19 million Americans who are living with major depression. For many, major depression is a debilitating health issue that can affect their daily lives, including having an affect on their work lives. Major depression that can require treatment ranging from therapy to medications. If filing for Social Security disability benefits based on major depression, there are a few things to know. Social Security is looking for people who are severely depressed. These are people who have made continual complaints to their health care providers, therapists or mental health doctors. Proving depression involves seeking out the help of a mental health professional and seeing them regularly, keeping records of office visits, not missing appointments and complying with any treatment that is recommended. These are all important, as a lack of treatment may indicate that the person is able to manage their depression…
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Government Officials: Current SSA Data ‘Failure’

According to Federal Computer Week, the Social Security Administration, or SSA, has a new data center in the works. Unfortunately, that new center is more than a year behind schedule. The current National Computer Center (NCC,) has multiple problems. There are tangled electrical and telecommunication cables beneath the floors of the building. There are also clogged pipes, an outdated HVAC system and what’s been described as an ‘antique’ power system that is ‘uninterruptible.’ The entire structure, which was build in the 1970s, is near collapse. All of these issues combined means that the vital agency could be shut down for days without warning at any time, according to the testimony of SSA deputy commissioner, Kelly Croft, at a committee hearing this past February 11th, 2011. She added that one day of outage could cost the agency $25 million in lost productivity. The new center is slated to be ready by…
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New Budget is ‘Luck of Draw’ for People with Disabilities

According to Disability Scoop, President Obama’s $3.73 trillion dollar budget proposal seems to highlight special education, but falls short in other areas. The new budget proposes flat or reduced spending for several programs, though special education received a boost. President Obama added $50 million dollars to the budget to help children with disabilities. He also added an extra $200 million dollars in state grants for IDA, or the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. The Council for Exceptional Children receives $11.5 billion dollars a year, so the increase is “modest,” according to Deb Ziegler. The organization works on behalf of special educations but are “appreciate of anything [they] get” in this economic downturn. Unfortunately, what is good news for one program is not always good news for another. Obama’s new budget proposal eliminates funding to ensure voter access for disabled individuals. There will also be $104 million dollars less for building…
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Getting Disabled Working-Age Veterans Back to Work

According to Daily Finance, the unemployment rate remains high for certain people, such as those without a high school diploma and of course, for military veterans. Working-age veterans, those aged 21 to 64, currently (as of February 2011,) have an unemployment rate of nearly 30 percent according to the Census Bureau. Within the general population, veterans with disabilities have an even higher unemployment rate at 41 percent in comparison to 27 percent of veterans who have returned without a disability. Unfortunately, the 41 percent estimate is potentially a conservative estimate especially for veterans who return with undiagnosed disabilities such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD,) or TBI (traumatic brain injury.) Cornell University researchers released a study noting that approximately 20 percent of returning service members potentially had PTSD or depression, and 19 percent had potential TBI. Overall, approximately 30 percent of veterans have at least one disability. Disabled veterans are at…
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