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36 Years Later Rhode Island Woman Gets Disability Benefits

While disability benefits applicants often face long waits, not many face one as long as a Rhode Island widow. Cecelia Frusher has been appealing Social Security Administration (“SSA”) decisions and court rulings since 1975. Her case should give hope to those frustrated by the process – she received retroactive benefits on behalf of her husband going back those three decades. Frusher’s husband, Dr. Richard Frusher, began experiencing symptoms related to schizophrenia in 1974. He applied for Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI”) benefits in 1975, and the SSA denied his application. Richard’s family tried again in 1978 to get him benefits, but the SSA denied the application again. When applying for early retirement benefits in 2003 for Richard, Cecelia decided to try yet again for disability benefits. This time, the SSA permitted Richard to receive Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”) benefits, but not SSDI benefits. Frustrated by her husband’s inability to receive…
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Social Security Disability Benefits Available for Family Too

Many people may not know that Social Security disability benefits are available for not just themselves but for their spouses or dependents in the event that they suffer an injury. The rules are filled with conditions and exceptions, so we always recommend consulting a Tulsa SSI attorney when considering applying for disability benefits, but below are a few of the situations in which your loved ones might be able to receive benefits in addition to your own. If you are currently receiving disability benefits, your spouse can receive benefits as well if he or she is over the age of 62, or if your spouse is caring for your child. The child has to be receiving Social Security benefits from your account and has to be younger than 16 or disabled. Additionally, your children can directly receive benefits provided they are unmarried and either younger than 18 or older, but…
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Social Security Payroll Tax Cut Could Save You Up to $2k

Our national debt just passed $15 trillion – that is, $15,000,000,000,000. The Congressional Super Committee tasked with figuring out how to bring that number down was due to come to an agreement by Thanksgiving, but leading up to that deadline, it did not appear that the Super Committee had any answer. The Super Committee had been meeting since August in the wake of the near failure for Republicans and Democrats to reach a deal to pass the budget. For the unemployed and those receiving Social Security benefits, the Super Committee faced two options: extending payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits or letting these things expire. Many economists have been arguing for the extension of the tax cuts and unemployment benefits, but with those, the federal government would have to come up with another $160 billion, not an easy task given the budget crises nearly every government agency already faces. The…
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Social Security Benefits Support Smaller Communities

We recently discussed a new study that noted how important Social Security benefits were to smaller towns and communities. The study found that benefits comprised a significant portion of the income of these areas’ residents; these residents then used the benefits right in their communities, helping small and local businesses stay afloat. In the wake of this study, several newspapers and academic institutions have taken a closer look at the precise impact of Social Security benefits in small communities, and today we look at one such community. Mississippi State University and the Center for Rural Strategies researched the importance of  Social Security benefits in rural communities and found that Scotland County in North Carolina is the county most dependent on Social Security benefits in the U.S. Scotland County has a population of about 40,000 and is located about 100 miles southeast of Charlotte. The county’s median family income is about…
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