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Can Creditors Take My Social Security Disability Benefits?

This week, we take up the intersection of Social Security disability benefits and aspects of your financial life like overdue debt, creditors and your credit history. Whether you receive Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI”) benefits or Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”) benefits, your benefits are safe from creditors in most cases. Federal law protects them from garnishing your disability benefits. The rationale is that these benefits help disabled Americans who are already unable to work and who probably faced an increasingly worse financial situation while they waited on their disability benefits to start. Permitting creditors to take disability benefits would just result in an even worse financial situation. While private creditors may not be able to get your disability benefits, the federal government can in some cases. Your SSI benefits are usually safe even from the federal government because they are intended for lower income Americans who would have trouble living…
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52 Medical Conditions Added to Compassionate Allowances

On April 11, the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) made the welcome announcement that it would be adding 52 medical conditions to its Compassionate Allowances (“CAL”) program. CAL is an extremely helpful program that provides quick and much-needed financial assistance to disabled Americans facing severe medical conditions. Whereas the normally disability benefits process can take years (see Wednesday’s post discussing the average 800 day wait time for SSDI benefits), CAL speeds things up significantly. If you think you may be eligible, you may wish to contact a Tulsa OK Social Security disability attorney. The medical conditions that fall under CAL are those that the SSA has determined clearly qualify for disability benefits. The SSA periodically holds open forums and asks for comments from the public and health experts about what conditions it should add to the list. The list had previously included 113 conditions, but is set to grow to 165…
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Average Wait for SSDI Benefits is 800 Days

New employment numbers reveal the difficulties that disabled Americans face in returning back to work even while they are receiving assistance in the form disability benefits. Over the first three months of 2012, the unemployment rates moved up for both disabled Americans and those without a disability. For the last three months of 2011, the unemployment rate for those without a disability was 8.1 percent; that number increased slightly to 8.4 percent over January, February and March of 2012. For those with a disability, the increase was larger, climbing from 13.2 percent to 14.6 percent. In the first quarter of 2012, over 700,000 Americans submitted an application for Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI”) benefits, an increase over the last three months of 2011 and an increase over the first quarter of 2011. Over all of 2011, almost three million applied for SSDI benefits. All of these numbers will have practical…
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What Would Romney Do About Social Security?

After a tough primary season that saw the frontrunner change several times, the Republican nominee for the presidential election coming up this fall is bound to be former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. Polls currently have Romney and President Obama running neck and neck to become our next President, so it is reasonable to wonder what sort of changes to Social Security Romney has in place should he win this fall’s election. If you are concerned about changes and your eligibility for Social Security disability benefits, more information is available from a Tulsa SSI law firm. How would a President Romney impact Social Security? Romney has spoken out about the financial perils facing Social Security programs, which provide benefits to disabled and retired Americans and their dependents. As the campaign season progresses, he will inevitably disclose more about how he plans to reform Social Security, but some of his suggestions thus…
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