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A Second Chance: The Disability Benefits Appeal Process

If you apply for disability benefits and are denied, there is a formal process for applicants who want to appeal the decision. Most people are denied initially, so if you are unable to work, we strongly suggest that you appeal the denial decision. The first appeal is called reconsideration. The applicant will fill out a Request for Reconsideration and an Appeal Disability Report. These will be sent to your local Social Security office, where an employee will reevaluate your case and inform you of the office’s decision. If you are denied on reconsideration, you can request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. You have the opportunity to meet face to face with a judge regarding your case, and the judge will later notify you of the decision in writing.  At every stage of the process, you are more likely to get benefits with the help of an attorney.  However,…
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Applying for Disability Benefits: What You Need

If you have experienced a debilitating injury or condition that lasts longer than a year and prevents you from working, you may be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits. It is very important to fill out the application for benefits as fully and completely as possible, as this is your best chance to secure the benefits you need. Before you fill out your application, make sure you have as much information as possible about your condition or injury. Try to gain access to the following items: Information regarding your work history over the last 15 years. Names and contact information for hospitals, doctors, specialists and other medical professionals you have seen related to your injury or condition. Any medication you are taking, the doctor who prescribed it, the reason for taking it and any potential side effects. After submitting these forms, you will receive more paperwork asking for a…
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Who is affected by Social Security Disability?

Most people know that social security payments affect the lives of many Americans, but it is helpful to understand just how many people depend on Social Security due to disability and the inability to work. More than 11 million people, including people with disabilities, their spouses and children receive Social Security disability benefits. Breaking these numbers down even more shines light onto exactly what the Social Security Act’s provisions are doing for families every day. Consider these numbers: Almost 8 million workers receive disability benefits because of an injury or lasting condition. The disability must affect the person significantly and for at least a year. Almost 1.8 million children of disabled workers receive Social Security benefits, as do almost 930,000 disabled adult children. Nearly 240,000 disabled widows and widowers receive benefits. The average Social Security disability monthly benefit was $1,064 in 2010. Disability payments make up a large portion of…
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Receiving SSI Benefits While Your App is Pending

This week’s posts have discussed several of the ways that Social Security makes it easier for disability applicants with particular medical conditions. Compassionate Allowances, TERI and QDD are three such programs that speed up the disability benefits process for disabled Americans. Another fast track program is for presumptive disabilities. In the case of presumptive disability (“PD”) or presumptive blindness (“PB”), Social Security pays benefits before it reaches a decision on your case. You may be able to receive SSI benefits immediately through PD or PB if you have one of the following conditions (a fuller list is available on the presumptive disability page of Social Security’s site): amputation of a leg at the hip total deafness total blindness immobility due to a longstanding condition severe mental deficiency underweight child HIV or AIDS In some cases, Social Security is even able to make an emergency advance payment for PD or PB…
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