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Retirees and Disabled Workers Benefit from Healthcare Reform

Today we pick up from our discussion Monday about how healthcare reform and the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) will help Social Security beneficiaries. Social Security’s budgetary concerns have been no stranger to the news, but healthcare reform should benefit the largest portions of the federal budget – Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security. Recent predictions have Social Security retirement and survivor benefits running out of money in a few decades. Disability benefits may start being cut as early as 2017. With a few changes, however, these predictions may not be quite as dire as they often seem. The ACA improves funding and healthcare service for Americans who use Medicare and Medicaid. Many Social Security disability beneficiaries also receive their health coverage through one of these two programs. More efficient Medicare and Medicaid combined with a focus on preventive care should reduce the numbers of Americans receiving disability benefits. Many disability beneficiaries are…
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Parallels Between Social Security in 1937 and Today’s Issues

A popular saying is that “the more something changes, the more it stays the same.” It is a phrase that we will probably hear quite a bit as politics surrounding the 2012 Presidential election heat up. One of the areas where it rings true is the current debate surrounding the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare,” as we often hear). The connection – for better or worse – that many are making is between Obamacare and the first days of Social Security. As the Republican primaries have demonstrated, no politician will likely be seeking to drastically cut or change Social Security. Americans – both Republicans and Democrats – overwhelmingly support Social Security benefits, but many may not be aware that this was not always the case. Social Security almost never came into existence. Social Security’s creation came about with President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1935 Social Security Act. It was by no means…
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Age 67 Medicare Eligibility May Lower Your Social Security

Recent new analysis suggests that even if government cuts do not directly affect Social Security, Social Security beneficiaries may still feel the effects indirectly. The Super Committee tasked with finding ways to trim the federal deficit is considering raising the age for which Americans become eligible for Medicare from 65 up to 67. Those savings, some experts believe, would come at the expense of retirees’ Social Security benefits. The Super Committee recently heard testimony from a Morgan Stanley executive who said that raising the age would be a good way to bridge the divide between Democrats and Republicans. He also noted that the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare,” as some call it) would help 65- and 66-year-olds find coverage in the private sector. Raising the Medicare eligibility age has support from members of both parties, so it is a feasible change. On the other hand, several think tanks and organizations believe…
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