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In Wednesday’s post, we discussed how SSDI benefits are a form of insurance, because you can only receive them if you have worked long enough to have paid enough in FICA taxes to be eligible for the benefits. SSI benefits often get lumped in with SSDI benefits, but the two have important differences. The one trait they do share is that the Social Security Administration uses the same criteria of “disability” to evaluate eligibility for both types of benefits, but that is about where the similarities end, however. SSI or Supplemental Security Income benefits are not a type of disability insurance like SSDI is. SSI benefits are a form of financial assistance for low income, disabled Americans. President Nixon created SSI in 1974 in order to standardize the way that states were providing the same type of benefits. Nixon brought all those different programs under the auspices of SSI, a…
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This week we have discussed SSDI benefits and the grim financial situation it is facing; it is on track to start cutting benefit levels as early as 2015, well before retirement benefits start facing the same problem. Today we take a look at the evolution of SSDI benefits – how they got started and what changes over the years have led to where we find ourselves today. The History of SSDI Benefits Although FDR looked into providing disability insurance benefits during The Great Depression, it was Congress and President Eisenhower in 1956 who formally instituted SSDI benefits In SSDI’s first four years, it was only available to disabled Americans over the age of 50, because politicians believed that these workers would need cash benefits more than younger workers who could still undergo rehabilitation training and return to work To complement SSDI benefits and reform state welfare programs, President Nixon created…
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