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Disability, Retirement Benefits and Debit Card Fees

On Monday, we mentioned how Social Security benefits will be entirely electronic by next spring. Beneficiaries – whether disability or retirement – will need to receive their benefits through either direct deposit or the government’s own debit card, the Direct Express card. The Direct Express card will be the option that Americans without access to a savings or checking account will select, but they need to be careful to avoid losing some of their benefits each month. If you have ever used a debit card, you are probably well aware of the major problem that beneficiaries will face – fees. Fees to get your Social Security benefits The money on the Direct Express card is yours; obtaining that money without incurring fees is another story. You will have to be careful of where you use your card and where you withdraw money. With the Direct Express card, you get one…
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Electronic Benefits for New Disability Applicants

For over a year now, anyone applying for disability benefits (or any Social Security benefits at all) has had to receive those benefits electronically. If you have been receiving benefits since some time before May 1, 2011, you still have a little bit of time left to receive paper checks, but everyone has to switch to electronic receipt by March 1, 2013. If you have questions about how any forthcoming changes will impact your disability benefits, you may wish to speak to a Tulsa SSI lawyer. Two options for receiving Social Security benefits You have two options to receive your benefits electronically. If you have a savings or checking account, you can to opt to receive your benefits through direct deposit. You just need your bank’s routing number (available on your bank’s website or from the bank itself) and your account number, and then your benefits will automatically appear in…
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Half of All Veterans Applying for Disability Benefits

On Monday we discussed how severe the impact can be when women suffer disabilities. Because they are less likely to have private coverage than men, women often face more difficult financial times when they are unable to work due to a disability. Today we continue our look at particular groups of people who are more likely than others to feel the impact of a disability that prevents them from working. We discuss the case of veterans who suffer disabilities while serving our country. Disability claims from veterans are at their highest levels ever. Of the 1.6 million veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, just shy of 50 percent have filed disability claims. For comparison, after the 1990-1991 Gulf War, about 21 percent of servicemembers filed a claim. Veterans are also filing claims for a larger number of medical conditions, likely a result of improved medical diagnoses and treatments…
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Social Security Trends Lead to Longer Waits

Aging Baby Boomers, privatization talks, running out of money – all these Social Security topics may have you worried about your benefits or about your ability to get benefits down the line, but, as we have discussed this week, things are not nearly as bad as the media and politicians sometimes make them appear. There have been changes in recent years, however, that will have an impact on your application for Social Security benefits. Disability applicants are at their highest numbers ever due to a mix of factors like an aging population, a poor economy and recognition by the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) of new disabilities. What are some of the practical effects of these factors for people interested in applying for disability benefits? Long waits for disability benefits Depending on the SSA office to which you apply, your wait for disability benefits could be as long as one to…
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